Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ema's last day at the orphanage

This is a picture of Ema's orphanage. This is where she has lived for 17 months.

Today we went to the orphanage for the last time and was able to take baby Ema home with us. She did surprisingly well. The orphanage worker brought her out to us and she immediatly recognized me. We could tell by the look on her face she knew something was about to happen. We had given her a toy the day before and she still had this tightly clinched in her hand. If Kirk or I went near her she would whine and if I looked at her she turned her head. She obviously loved her caretaker and you could tell her caretaker loved her. Henry finally just peeled her away from her caretaker. Naturally she was not happy with Henry. We all immediatly began walking to the van and Henry gave her to Kirk. This was the first time he had ever held her. He was gleaming! Once in the bus she held her arms out to me and I took her and held her as tight as I could. She never cried a tear after that. We then went and had her visa picture made. This was scary to her because it was outside. Henry said she had only been outside the orphanage one time to go to the doctor. Now, for all of you who have been reading my blog, you know how amazed we were at the scooters, honking horns, the smells - I can only imagine what she was thinking. Her eyes were as big as silver dollars.


Amy said...

Please pass the tissue!
I talked to your dad today during lunch at the CCC. Wow! It is so great to hear that you finally have her. I will continue my prayers for all 3 of you. I know you are homesick and can't wait to get home. I will pray that God will comfort you and Kirk, and Ema too during this transition. Smiles to you!

Pat said...

Ok, enough is enough. It's time to come home! Saw you all on webcam tonight at your house. I came in at the end so didn't get to see you for very long.The three of you look like a regular family. Lloyd and Debbie are so excited! So are your grands! Tony and Sonya were just glowing! You favorite neighbor is pretty excited, too. I tried to write on the webcam but you turned it off before I finished.
I looked at the pictures on the blog after I got home and got so excited, I had to write to you before I even read what you wrote.
I'll go read it now then try to get some sleep! This trip is wearing me out!:)
We're going to Newbern to have our Thanksgiving gathering tomorrow then to the river until Saturday or Sunday. I won't be near the computer til I get home. You can call me on my cell.
I love and miss you guys!

mom and dad said...

you guys are going to have to hurry home so that i can sleep. i am up all hrs looking for a shot of you. she is sooo precious and i cannot wait to put a big bow in her hair and put her in some freckled frog clothes! can't wait to get my hands on all 3 of you the camera is great but nothing comes close to hugging you! love and hugs pops and dd