Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving and Receiving Ceremony

Next we went to the giving and receiving ceremony. This is what makes Ema officially ours in the eyes of the Vietnamese government. We went into this little room with another family that was adopting a little girl and signed a bunch of paperwork that we couldn't read. This ceremony is where we said we would always take care of and love this child and promised to give updates on her progress. Ema sat through the hole process without a wimper and did so good.


Mark said...

Congratulations! Did you ever think this day would come??? It was great talking with you last night - feel free to call ANYTIME (even if it is 3am here in Colorado). We really encourage you to write down as soon as possible any details you learned about the orphanage, her care-givers, her past, etc. It will be easy to forget as the days go by. We also request this from a selfish point of view, for we would love to know more about that orphanage since Maria spent her first three months there as well.

Pat said...

Emily, I must say your hair looks a lot better in these pictures! Now you don't look like Olive Oil!
I can see the calm that has come over Ema! Maybe you ought to wear you hair this way for Ema! It sure makes me feel better!

kate said...

you like look a natural with her on your hip. Just the way it was meant to be.

~~Kerri~~ said...

Emily, Kirk, and Ema~~~~
You all look wonderful. I ahve prayed for you all but especially Ema today that she would be calm and very reseptive to her mommy and daddy. I am so glad she reached for you Emily..... Your life will never be the same!!! Now get yourself on back home and begin your new journey with your beautiful daughter!!!!