Monday, November 24, 2008

Pictures from outside our window

These pictures were taken outside the window of our room. We have not gotten up the courage to venture beyond our four walls yet. The way of living here is way different than back in the US. People riding on scooters all over the place, women and men carrying HUGE baskets on poles with fruit and vegetables in them. It is crazy, nothing like I have ever seen.

As I woke up this morning, I began to think of home and realized that I am home sick. I knew that I would miss home but not this soon. I guess with all of the changes going on and having to be at the mercy of everyone else, it's just is a little overwhelming. Please continue to pray for us and for little Ema. Pray that she can feel the love that we have for her and that she will find comfort in that. Pray that God will provide us the strength and energy that we need to be patient with everthing that is about to take place in the next few days.


HRay said...

She is Beautiful! Congrats! Take care and good luck with everything. I am so happy for you both.

Pat said...

It's past midnight here.I haven't been to sleep. Felt the need to pray. After looking at the pictures I pray that God will get you back home really soon! Remember that He is allowing you to go through this for a purpose. He will see you through this! Soon it will all be just a memory. I am so thankful that precious little Ema will not have to grow up there.
Use this time to pray for the people you see from your window. They may never have had anyone to pray for them to know Jesus.
Remember, our God is able and willing to take care of His children! I love you and will continue to lift you up! I know that this is a difficult time! You are not alone. The LORD is with you there the same as here!

Dawn Carpenter said...

Dear Kirk & Emily,

I am so glad that you had a safe trip to Vietnam, and that your have finally held Ema in your arms! May God continue to guide and watch over you in the days ahead! I am praying for all of you, as you adjust to being a family. I am also praying for a safe return home!

In Christ, Dawn Carpenter

Millie Pullen said...

Guys-Ema WIll love you! During my 31 years of teaching, I have had MANY children who did not know love or how to love. Hold on tight and when she hears the beating of your heart, she WILL know she is loved. God Bless and sustain you in the days and weeks ahead. Hug Ema for me! :)