Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dee Dee and Pop's Christmas

This was such a special Christmas for us and for Ema. God has blessed Kirk and I with the most amazing child. Just having her here to hold, rock to sleep, watch cartoons with, play with, is the best gift we could ever ask for. To think that there was once a chance that we would not be getting her is all a blurr. God had it all planned out. He made this happen at the most perfect time. We find ourselves looking at her and saying, "Can you believe she is here?" We waited so long for her and she is acutally a real person. We never knew we could love something so much.

Here are some pictures from our Christmas at my Mom and Dad's (aka: Dee Dee and Pops). The wooden rocking horse was mine and the green rocking chair was my dad's. She loves to rock. This year everyone got Ema gifts instead of the adults. She is going to be sad when Christmas is over because she will not be getting a gift everyday. :)

Dee Dee and Pops could not stand for Ema to have an old rocking horse that did not make noise. They found her a rocking horse that looks real and makes real horse noises. Ema is so funny when riding this. She stops rocking when the horse stops click-clacking and while riding she will try to say YEE HAW!!

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