Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What did we do before Ema?

Life will never be same! Kirk and I have already asked each other the famous question: What did we do before Ema? Our house was quite, we had a routine, we got a normal hours worth of sleep. Everything has changed. Ema is still struggling with Tennessee time. She finds herself being the happiest little girl at 2:30 AM every morning. She sits up in bed and wants to play! Very frustrating for mommy and daddy! We try to keep her busy during the day hoping that she will sleep like she did in Vietnam but that has yet to be accomplished.


nicole said...

Welcome home! We haven't come by yet because we thought we'd give you time to settle in! We'll stop by in a couple of days so that we can see your precious Ema and bring her a little something. We're so glad you are safely home with Ema.
The Hensleys

kate said...

hang in there! she will develop a Tennessee routine soon enough. i am so proud and happy for you guys!