Thursday, December 11, 2008

More vistors

Last night we have several visitors. Mr. Moe, Ms. Loretta and Shaw and Ms. Donna Farmer came by and brought us dinner and a bucket filled with treats for Ema. Ms. Kristi, Raygen, and Kinley also stopped by. I am still shocked at how well Ema plays with other children. It takes her a minute or two to warm up but once she feels comfortable there is no stopping her. She is so funny. Kirk and I love the company because it seems to wear her out. She went to sleep last night at 8:00 PM and woke up at 5:00PM. It felt so good to sleep in this morning. Raygen and Kinley and Shawl you are welcome anytime. When you guys left she waved at the door saying "bye, bye, bye, bye" then threw a fit. Here are some pictures from last night. (oh yeah, Kristi I think one of you children is about to have a birthday...I owe you one for that stupid doll and drum that you bought.) Ema loves it :(

I had to post this picture. Kinley would sit in my lap while Ema would be playing and when she would notice she would immediately come over and park it. She LOVES her mommy so much!!

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