Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Go Tigers!

Who would have ever thought that Ba would teach his baby girl to say Go Tigers! Well she doesn't actually say Go Tigers but she has the idea! It is so cute. Kirk and I decided that going to the Cincinatti game Monday night was pronbably not a good idea because it started so late and he is back at work now and misses her so bad. If we went he would not get to see her all day and she would be asleep when we got home. I knew that deep down in his heart he really wanted to go so Ema and I decorated the house with Memphis stuff and Ema and I got all dressed up in our Memphis attire. Earlier that morning we made Memphis cookies with tiger blue icing. (Yum Yum) Ema greeted Ba at the door with a pom pom saying Go TIGERS! It made his day! Here are some pictures from that night. Go Tigers!!!

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