Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Patty Cake , Patty Cake

Ema is already beginning to pick up quickly on new things. Daddy taught her how to throw things and mommy taught her how to patty cake. Everyday we go to Highland's coffee and sit out on the balcony and we play. This is the one place that Ema actually is good and likes to just sit. Sitting is something this child hardly ever does. We have grown kinda attached to Highlands. Their white chocolate mocha honestly tastes like there is a BIG block of white chocolate that is sitting in the bottom of the coffee mug and is gradually melting with each taste. Starbucks does not even come close. Yesterday while having our usual caffeine fix for the day Ema began her own game of patty cake. She can't quite get the hang of "roll em up roll em up" but loves to thrown em in the pan!!!


Pat said...

Your pics are bringing such joy to my life! Thanks for sharing this precious time in your life with all of us!

Amy said...

Awww! How sweet! I know you guys are so excited about getting back home. Enjoy your coffee shop while you can! Not having to leave an extra 5 minutes for a stop at Starbucks has been odd, but my ol' coffee maker was feeling neglected and I have put her back into production-ha! Can't wait to see Ema!

~~Kerri~~ said...

I love the pictures!!! The second is my favorite in this batch!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Jessica & Cousin Caden said...

I can't say it enough Ema is so precious!! I am so glad ya'll finally get to bring your baby girl home! I pray for a safe trip and a smooth flight! Love ya'll! We can't wait to meet Miss Ema!!

Beth said...

Kirk & Emily

We have been following your blog and imagining how you are feeling. These feelings that we too hope to have one day. So much of what you have posted are true to what all other international adoptive parents have told us. We are so happy for you and little Ema. She looks like she is so happy. Hope your flight home is tolerable. Look forward to meeting Ema one day!
I am sure Tommy and I will have lots of questions for you in the future.

Clurt said...

Kirk, Emily and Ema,
We made it! We just walked in the door and are heating up some Ramen noodles for our princess.

Praying for your trip to be easy!

Jack and Sue

Christi said...

She is just a month younger than Preston -almost to the day! We'll have to get them together to play after things settle down. She's beautiful and you guys look elated! I will pray for a safe journey home for your family. Oh, and I can't tell you how often it seems we're having to do the Tylenol/Motrin alternating thing. It's almost second nature now. I think I could just about tell you the dosage for any weight under 35lbs!

Morris,Karen and Molly said...

Thanks for letting us share your wonderful journey. We have been so anxious each day to get news from you. And what great news you have today. Coming home. A home that will not be the same home you left. Thank God. Into that home will enter a beautiful baby that will constantly change your lives. What a new journey you all are about to travel. We have shared Ema's introduction to her new family and we hope to be able to share her new life when you get home. What a lucky little girl. What a lucky couple. What lucky friends are we. We pray that your trip home will be easy and quick. Travel safely. We will be out of town on Saturday and cannot come to the Airport to welcome you home. You probably don't need alot of "whopla"anyway. Ema will need to be as quiet as possible. Not alot of strangers wanting to touch and hold. We will wait our time when you are ready after settling down at home. HOME. What a great sounding word. You all will be there soon. We send our love.