Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sick Baby

Ema has been dealing with a fever that just won't go away. I am sure that she was perfectly fine with the germs that was in her orphanage but when she was introduced into the all the new germs outside her orphanage she gets sick. We have been giving her Motrin around the clock. It seems to help but when it is time for her next dose, her fever is back. Last night(12:00 AM) I woke up and felt of her. I knew her temperature was high. I checked it and it was 101.3. It is very scary being in another country with a sick baby. I know I am a nurse but I nurse on grown ups not babies. Today we are resting. We ate breakfast and came back to the room for a nap which we had to take Benadryl for that. Nothing hurts more than to have a sick baby and not be able to really do much. Hopefully with a little TLC and rest Ema will be good as new tomorrow.


Amy said...

Praying for Ema to get well soon!

Pat said...

Know that Charles and I will pray for Ema's speedy recovery! Seems Ema and you two are getting to experience two years of life that you missed into a couple of weeks!
She gets to see how you respond when she is at her best and worse, happy/sad, well/sick, peaceful/scared, joyful/cranky, playful/stand-offish, rested/tired, outside/inside, known/unknown experiences, etc.,etc.! What a wonderful thing for her to know you won't leave her no matter what she's going through! And to think, she's getting to see your way of dealing with all these things yourself as you adjust to life in a foreign land. Isn't it wonderful that the God & Jesus of Tennessee are the God & Jesus of Vietnam!!! You just can't hide from Their tender mercies! The Holy Spirit is right there inside of you! Praise God from whom all blessing flow!!!
I love you guys so much! I've already looked at all the preceeding and the next entry's pics! What a blessing this venture has been to so many people! It's wonderful sharing the progress with you all! Thanks for sharing! I'm addicted to checking on your blog! What will I do with myself when you get back home!
Hang in there! You're doing a great job!

kate said...

Welcome to Motherhood! What a great introduction, huh? As a mother, I can tell you that I would rather be sick any day than to have a sick baby. You guys seem to be making great strides. Ema looks so happy!